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Estate Liquidations by VVS Antiques offers an extensive list of

services, oriented on yours specific needs.

How it works:

ConsultationWe will meet you at your home for a no-cost consultation and evaluation. 

Please Note: we sell practically everything, so try not to donate or throw away items until we meet with you

Advertising & Marketing: After the contract is signed, we immediately post a photos on social media and estate sale networking sites to maximize the exposure of your sale to potential buyers, and send notification to our email subscribers. We also advertise on Craig's list and local newspapers.

Organize the Sale:  We will clean, organize, stage, research and price all items to be sold. 

Estate Sale: We will manage the sale with our professional sales team. We accept cash and credit cards payments, every transaction will be properly recorded. Our knowledgeable and friendly personnel will assist customers with any questions and help to pack the items.

Clean Up after the Sale: We will coordinate the donation of unsold items to a charity on your behalf.

Finalizing the Sale:  We will provide itemized report and Payment Check four Business days after the sale.



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